The Truth


Then, you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – John 8:32

The truth. A lie. In this world of ours, it doesn’t really matter, does it? We lie all the time and we’ve become so acquainted with lying that hardly any of us can go without lying, even for a week.

Yes, I admit, in this world we live in, sometimes it’s easier to tell a white lie than to tell someone the truth. It’s easier to cover up your tracks before someone else finds them, right? But the truth always find a way to haunt you, to let itself be known to the world. The truth will always come out in the end.

I’m not trying to be too harsh or brutal but, I guess, that’s just the way life works. And that’s why you should always be careful. Always think through your actions. Always remember that every action has a consequence. In this world, we never know if what we know is the truth or a lie. But the truth is liberating. The truth will set you free.

You see, I’m a child of God and I firmly believe in His word and His teachings. God is a fair God. It doesn’t matter if you look like the worst or the lamest among your friends because you’re telling the truth and they’re not. It doesn’t matter. God is just. They will get what’s coming to them if they don’t change their ways.

Always be truthful.



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