I’m broken, battered and bruised. I know that. There are times where I feel like my whole world is just crumbling down all around me and I’m falling apart from the inside out.

There are so many things, so many reasons, that can break a person: heartache, losing a loved one, moving away, being too stressed, forced into a life you don’t enjoy. There are so many things, so many thoughts and feelings, that just cannot be expressed and put into words. All we can do is hope and pray and pretend everything is ok.

And sometimes, even that seems like too much. Some days, all we can do is breathe. Stay alive. And there are nights where you just can’t fall asleep, and your mind is racing with thoughts that can never be justified and questions that can never be answered.

I’m broken, and life feels like it’s all in black and white and all I want is for all the pain and the hurt to go away. And maybe some of you feel the same way. The only thing that keeps me going, motivates me to do my best day after day, is the hope that things will get better.

“Carry on, outlast the innocence. Moving on, survive the innocence.
Won’t be long… You know it’s gonna get better.”
– 5 Seconds of Summer (Carry On)


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