I Am More


I don’t know about you, but I get judged everyday on what I appear to be. But that’s the thing, these people who judge and mock me only know me on the outside. They don’t know who I really am. They don’t know my personality, my character. They don’t know why I do the things I do. They don’t know the battles I am fighting or the war raging on in me.

They don’t know who I am.

But yet, day after day, I get judged for my outward appearance. Slammed for the things I believe in. Shunned for the things I enjoy doing. It’s getting frustrating and annoying. I’m so sick of it but yet, my anxiety ties me down, keeping me from voicing up and from standing firm in what I believe in.

But you see, to all you haters, I am more than what I seem.

I am more than my hair and my clothes and my shoes. I am more than the makeup I wear or the lack thereof. I’m more than the food I eat and the beverages I drink.

I am more than a number on the scale. I am more than my height or my body. I am more than the books I read and the movies I watch. I am more than the grades on my tests and how many people know me.

So, don’t compare me to others. It’s bad enough when I fall short of the high expectations I place on myself. You don’t have to rub it in my face. It’s bad enough when my peers do better than me and my anxiety screams at my failures. The pressure I place on myself to be the best of the best is bad enough.

I don’t need anyone else to remind me of that.

I need friends who will encourage me, who will pick my up when I fall down. Who will just be there for me in my highest and my lowest times. Who will understand but not judge. I need people who will be a good friend. I mean, doesn’t everyone need that?

I am more than what I seem.

I hope you know that you are too.




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