Revamping the Blog

Hey guys!

As you’ve guessed from the title, I’m going to revamp my blog!

If you guys didn’t know, I’ve started posting vlogs on my YouTube channel (which you can check out by clicking on ‘YouTube’) and I’ve decided to change some things on this blog to accomodate.

I won’t be posting as many opinionated posts anymore as those will mostly be turned into videos. I will still be doing them, just not as many.

Instead, I’m going to start posting more about my life. I’ll be sharing my days with you, if anything interesting or fun happened in my life (mainly because I’m too awkward to vlog outside) so you can keep a lookout for that.

I’ll also start posting about my travels and stuff on here.

I suppose, in a way, this blog will become more like my diary than a place where I voice my opinions.

I’ll also be starting this thing called ‘Monthy Wishes’, which is very heavily based of CutiePieMarzia or Marzia Bisognin’s Monthly Notes. I was watching her videos recently and I realised what a great idea her monthly notes were. If you don’t know what they are, basically, in the beginning of every month, she writes three things she wants to do by the end of the month.

So using that idea, I’m going to split my ‘things to do’ into four categories:

  • Books (anything reading and writing related)
  • Hobbies (anything Wattpad, Radish Fiction, YouTube and Blog related)
  • Self (anything related to improving myself)
  • Adventure (anything related to going outside)

I’ll be posting my Monthly Wishes and what I learned or what I did to achieve them at the end of each month.

I’m not sure how long this will go on for. But I’ll try it for at least a year before deciding if I want to continue it.

So far, those are the changes I am making to the blog.

It’s in a transition stage so there may be more changes soon but I’m not too sure yet.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading!

Much love,



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