Weekend Haul


Hey guys! I hope all of you had a good week. It’s the end of the week which means that I’m officially done with my exams! To celebrate, I decided to go on a little shopping spree and show all of you what I got. I’ll be going through my haul in categories instead of by shops so it’ll be a lot easier for you all and you can skip straight to the section you want to read about. I’ll also try my best to link everything I bought so that you can pick them up if you want to as well.


All links open in a new window/tab so don’t worry about it guys! Also, this is not sponsored or an ad or whatever. No one reads this blog anyway lol who would sponsor me

Let’s get to it.

Beauty & Makeup


I’m a girl so of course I got some beauty products. Well, to be fair, I never really cared about makeup and stuff but I have very recently come to love the different colours and things you can do with makeup and have been trying to focus a lot more about skincare and beauty-related stuff.

First of all, the shirt is the Clara Cold Shoulder Blouse in the colour Earth from Cotton On! If you want to see how it looks with a complete outfit, you can see the picture of me wearing it to the left, paired with blue Padini jeans.

I’ve been eyeing this shirt for a while as it’s on display in the shop window for a couple of weeks and I’ve been wanting a top like that for quite a while so I finally decided to just get it.

I really cannot wait for the weather to get a bit warmer so I can wear that out without having to cover it with a jacket. I’m absolutely in love with it.

I really love the material as well. It’s made out of viscose, which is a semi-synthetic fabric and it’s really nice to wear as it’s quite airy. It’s neither too hot nor too cold and, especially with the colour, it’s really suitable for autumn.

This top comes in black and white as well but I went for this maroon shade as I have way too many black and white clothes and I’m trying to colourify my wardrobe. It’s tough because black and white are my favourite colours and I always tend to gravitate towards them but I’m trying.


Next up are some Revlon products or, more specifically, their Revlon Matte Balm. Well, there was a promotion on one of their Love Is On gift sets at Priceline and, being a huge Revlon lip crayon fan, I simply had to get it as it’s so value for money.

YRevlon 2.pngou can see the shade and colour to the left. From left to right (top picture) or top to bottom (bottom picture), the shades are 205 Elusive, 260 Passionate and 265 Fierce.

PS. I couldn’t find the link for the gift set that I bought so I linked the individual Matte Balms.

I’ve yet to try these three lipstick but I have used their Colourburst lip crayons (in 001 Honey, 040 Rendezvous and 025 Sweetheart if any of you are wondering, Rendezvous being my favourite shade) so I’m really excited to try these.

And the mirror that comes with the set has one normal mirror and one magnified side. It’s not that big and I think it’d be very handy to carry around these two types of mirrors in your bag, as opposed to the normal one-sided compact mirror people always bring around.


I picked up some NYX products too while I was at Priceline. I bought the eyeshadow base in ESB01 White because I need a good eye primer and had previously used this for a performance. It really brings out the colour of your eyeshadow even if you’re only using a bit of eyeshadow. I’ll admit, I’ve only used once or twice and I may not like it as much if I use it on a regular basis but I guess we’ll find out.

I also bought the Liquid Suede cream lipstick in LSCL12 Vintage. If you want to see how it looks like on your lips, you can check out my picture above, the one where I’m showing you the Cotton On shirt. I’m wearing this lipstick there.

I actually wanted to get the shade Sandstorm, which is a really nice nude colour as I’ve seen a couple of YouTubers wear them and I really like the shade but it was out of stock! So I bought this instead because I was looking for a wine coloured lip product anyway. I really do like how the colour turned out on my lips. It’s really nice to use as well.


So these are the palette-y stuff I bought.

On the top is the L’Oreal Infallible Sculpt contouring palette in 01 Light/Medium. I bought this because I want to learn how to contour so yeah. I initially wanted to get the Mabelline one but the palette I was eyeing was out of stock.

The bottom picture is the Mabelline Blushed Nudes eyeshadow palette. I picked it up because I have the Mabelline Nudes eyeshadow palette and I absolutely love the colours and how they all blend so well together. You can use them as duos, trios or quads (they even label them on the back) or you can mix them as you see fit. I also really love the rose gold kind of colours and I’m really excited to experiment with them. I also really want the Mabelline Rock Nudes eyeshadow palette but I suppose it’s not out in Australia yet.

DSC00299.jpgAnd because I bought the contouring palette and I’ve never done contouring or highlighting before, I bought the UBU Berry Blush #11 angled blusher brush. I’ve used some other UBU brushes and I quite like them. I think it’s very suitable for beginners like myself or people who can’t afford brands like Real Technique. The prices for UBU are rather reasonable, ranging between AUD8 to AUD15, if I’m not mistaken.

I also bought the UBU High Brow slant tip tweezer because, well, I don’t have one and I decided that it was high time I started looking after my brows properly. Time to scour the Internet for tutorials, am I right?



I also bought this black makeup bag (similar) from K Mart because I thought it would help me organise my makeup better, especially since I don’t have much makeup and it can all fit into this, rather than dumping them into a basket.


I also really like this because of the pockets inside. There is one large pocket and two smaller pockets in addition to one huge compartment, which really helps with organisation, instead of transferring the mess of my makeup from a basket into a bag.

If you’re wondering how I organise my makeup in this bag, I’ve placed my palettes in the large pocket and one of the smaller pockets and my brushes in the other small pocket. Everything else I’ve tied with rubberbands and arranged them neatly in the main compartment.


I’ve picked up these Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes because they were on sale (yes, impulse buy) and I thought I should get some cleansing wipes anyway as the ones I’ve got are very harsh and it makes my eyes very sore when I’m removing eye makeup. I also use other Simple beauty products and I’m really loving them so far so I thought I’d give this a go.

Another thing I bought is the Nivea Soothing Honey Mask as it was on sale at Target. I thought I’d try using a face mask since I’ve never used one before and it was only AUD1 anyway. I have used it and I really love how moisturising it is and how nice it makes your skin feel afterwards.




What would a shopping spree with Angie be without some books?

Yes, I’m a huge nerd and I absolutely love reading and I thought I should just go and get some new books to read.

First up is Dream House by Marzia Bisognin, better known as CutiePieMarzia (or PewDiePie’s girlfriend) on YouTube. I’ve been meaning to get this book every since I heard Marzia talk about it in a video but never got around to it until now. I saw it at Target and it was sold at only AUD16 (RRP AUD25) so I thought I’d finally buy it. I’m incredibly excited to read it.

Another book I bought is Caspar Lee by, well, Caspar Lee and also his mother, Emily Riordan Lee. As you can tell, I’m a huge YouTube trash. I’ve already got the audiobook version on Audible (them free trials finally came in handy) and I really love listening to it so I thought I’d get the physical book as well. Because I’m an old school kind of person when it comes to books. Also, it was on sale for AUD20 instead of the usual price of AUD25.

The last book I picked up is Coraline by Neil Gaiman. I won’t normally buy these kinds of books but I really want to expand on the genres of books I read so I thought I’d buy this book. If you’re familiar by the stop motion film by the same name, I’m sure you’ll know this title. I myself never watched the whole film, only bits and pieces of it, but it seems very interesting and, from reading the blurb, it seems like the kind of book I will enjoy. I’m also really excited to start reading this.

And in case any of you are wondering, I am currently reading Girl Online: On Tour by Zoe Sugg or Zoella (see what I mean by YouTube trash?). I’ve also ordered two books online and they’re coming. They’re All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven and Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard.

Lastly, of course I bought some notebooks. They’re from Cotton On. I saw them on display and I knew I just absolutely had to buy them. They’re so beautiful. The colours look really elegant and the words are so inspiring. I know I have way too many notebooks already (yes, I have a serious notebook problem) but I simply couldn’t resist. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this product online. Maybe they don’t produce it anymore or something. If you’re interested in searching it up, however, it’s called printed books reflect/inspire.




Yes, there’s snacks! Well, they’re not all snacks but you know what I mean.

Firstly, I bought the Freedom Foods Rainbow Crunch from the Reject Shop as they were doing a $2 bargain sale. I’m absolutely in love with Fruit Loops so when I saw this I thought I would try it, especially since it sounds a lot healthier than Fruit Loops aIMG_5968s well. And I’ve ran out of cereal. So I thought that it’s the perfect time to buy and try this.

I also bought the Snickers Pods cause they sound absolutely amazing. And they are! If you love biscuits or those crunchy kind of snacks or biscuit base and you also love gooey chocolate bars like Snickers or Mars Bars, then this is definitely for you. The moment you put it in your mouth, the chocolate just melts on your tongue and the biscuit complements it so well and it’s just so good. There’s a Mars Pods version as well!

Lastly, I bought a Maltesers Teaser bar. I initially wanted to buy some Maltesers but I had already bought the Snickers Pods and I did’t want too much stuff to indulge in so I had to restrict myself and buy a bar instead. Because, you know, once you start, there’s no going back.


Everything Else


Which is, well, anything that does not fit in the above categories.


I bought this eye mask from Typo (I couldn’t find this exact design so I’ve just linked you to the other eye mask designs) because I had left my other eye mask at home when I went back for the holidays. I really love this one because it just looks so gorgeous and the gold is so sparkly and beautiful. The strap also has gold sparkles and it is just so beautiful. I find the quote kind of cute as well. I may not be an alcohol drinker, but it is kind of funny. I’ve always associated champagne with celebration or something fancy and posh. Or, you know, the Fault in Our Stars if you’re a massive book nerd like myself.


Another thing I bought (on impulse) is the Winnie the Pooh 11″ (medium) Tsum Tsum from Target. I actually couldn’t decide between this and the Stitch one but I ended up buying the Pooh bear one because it’s softer and cuter. I actually have a collection of mini Tsum Tsums (3″) and have a mission to collect all of the mini Tsum Tsums and thought it’d be nice to get a medium sized one so I can hug it.

I’ve placed a Revlon Matte Balm beside it as size reference.


I’ve also bought the mini marquee A from Typo. I’ve always wanted a marquee but buying one of the normal sized ones is rather impractical for me because I don’t have my own place yet and I’ll most likely be moving next year. When I saw these at Typo, I knew I had to get it. It looks so absolutely stunning in the dark. I cannot wait to use it at night.

The last thing I bought was a mini artificial succulent in a black pot (similar) to put on my study desk to add some greens there and liven it up. It’s a vain attempt to make it look not so dreary and to encourage me to study.

Once again, I’ve placed a Revlon Matte Balm as size reference.

And that’s it!

I really hope you enjoyed reading this. I’m so sorry if it’s much longer than usual. Nevertheless, if you’ve made it this far, thank you so much for reading through all my rambling.

Do tell me if you liked reading this or if I should do more or if I should do a vlog-style haul instead or if this just isn’t for me and I should stop.

I know it’s Saturday and that there’s still one more day to the weekend but I’m planning on doing some work on Sunday so I won’t be doing any shopping.

So yeah. Once again, thank you for reading all of this.

Have a great week ahead!

Much love,



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