Happy New Year


Happy new year everybody!

Though, if I’m being honest with myself, it feels like nothing has changed. There’s nothing to be ‘happy’ about. It’s just the start of another year, where we’ll lie to ourselves about things to change before settling back into old habits. Is anything really different?

I’ve got to admit, I was quite reluctant to celebrate the new year. I didn’t do much. I just played games all night and didn’t even realise it was past midnight until my brother pointed it out. And when my whole family started wishing each other, I’d just plastered on a smile but I didn’t feel it. I felt numb, empty, and I just wanted everything to stop.

I do hope all of you had a great celebration though.

I guess, I just don’t see a reason to celebrate another year where I’ll be drowing in the world’s expectations of me.

Much love,



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