So I was reading Girl Online: Going Solo by Zoe Sugg aka Zoella (yes, long overdue, I know) and, I don’t know how to explain it, but I’m really captivated by the book and what it speaks for.

I mean, yes, as with all books, there are bound to be aspects that I don’t exactly love, but I find the ending absolutely lovely.

Contrary to what most people say, the Internet can be a great place if you know how to use it. Having grown up in the ‘Internet’ era, so to speak, I can tell you that my life would be starkly different without it, and not just because of the lack of things to procrastinate on (*cough cough*).

A lot of things changed my life that could only have been done if the Internet exists. For one, I found Wattpad, which completely changed my life (more about that in this post), and I’ve found one of my best friends through the Internet, just to name a few.

It’s such a great way to connect with people. Yes, the Internet can be a dangerous place, so please, take precautions whenever you can, especially when meeting an online friend. Never meet them in a quiet place, always in a place surrounded by people and always tell someone that you’re going to meet an online friend at what place at what time. I’m sure there are other precautions to take, but I’ll leave that to you to find.

Well, I don’t think there’s really a point to this post, just that the Internet is great (did anyone catch that reference?) and that we, as the new generation, have to use it wisely.

Of course, there are people using the Internet and telecommunication in general in wrong ways, which is mostly why society at large always see that using electronic gadgets is bad.

It’s up to us to use it the way it was originally intended (I presume) to connect people, to enhance our lives, not to destroy it and bring other people harm.

The Internet is better than you think. And it’s up to us on #TeamInternet to spread positivity and give the Internet the credit it deserves.

Much love,


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